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In New Oscars Trailer: Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox Search for Billy Crystal (and a younger audience demographic).

The search continues …

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First Look: Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in “Men in Black III”

From Brit film site HeyUGuys: They have this to say about the eagerly anticipated (by someone) third installment in the sci-fi/comedy series: “Just a few days ago, we got our first look at Jemaine Clement, the main villain in the … Continue reading

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Batman Is An Existentialist In “The Dark Knight Rises.”

From IO9. This is too amazingly, awesomely weird not to share: “The French newspaper LibĂ©ration is reporting that Batman will, at some point in his final film, read aloud an excerpt from philosopher Martin Heidegger’s 1929 lecture “What Is Metaphysics?” … Continue reading

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