Report: Bane’s Voice Improved For “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Looks like “Dark Knight Rises” director Christopher Nolan is heeding the complaints of theatergoers who said the voice of villain Bane (who wears a full-face mask) was unintelligible during the teaser prologue shown before iMax screenings of the new “Mission Impossible” movie.

Via ComicBook Movie:

Just a couple a weeks ago Nolan told THR that he had no plans to rework the sound mix. Any chances to Bane’s voice would be minimal, even though many fans such as myself has a very difficult time understanding whatever the hell Bane was saying. I mean Batman growling is tough enough, but to hear Tom Hardy’s gentiled Darth Vader like voice is nearly impossible to decipher at times.

The source for Collider has good news, so don’t fret. He says the quality of Bane’s dialogue is clearer by as much as 40% to 50%. Which sounds like Nolan has made some major corrections. The source goes on to say, “because he’s no longer being overpowered by the background noise that drowned him out before.”

Here’s a report on the voice problems the prologue trailer:

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