“Silent House” Trailer Revealed.

Via UK film site HeyUGuys, here’s the trailer for “Silent House,” a new horror film that’s supposed to be one, continuous take.

They write:

“On the cinematically positive side you’ve got the immersion that one single unbroken take can provide. It’s like real life if real life involved a lot of heavily choreographed movements, intricate steadycam shots, accommodating set designs and a load of stickers on the floor to tell you where to stand. One long unbroken shot can really elevate a scene from a simple exercise in film making into something dramatically interesting and technically astounding at the same time. Anyone who’s ever watched Children of Men with any sort of focus would surely attest to the sheer mind melting awesomeness of its (admittedly digitally stitched together) indulgences.”

Here’s the trailer:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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