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New “21 Jump Street” Featurette Hits The Web.

I understand someone must have been clamoring for this. I just don’t understand why. Nevertheless …

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Jenny Agutter Talks “Avengers”

Here, the veteran English actress talks about her brief turn in Joss Whedon’s superteam flick. (h/t ComicBookMovie)

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Five Favorite Film Music Moments.

Because it’s Friday, let’s shake things up a little bit. It’s reader participation time. Here’s my five favorite film music moments from more than 30 years of going to the movies. List your own in the comments and we’ll compare … Continue reading

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New Images of Keira Knightley in “Anna Karenina”

The comely British actress stars with Jude Law in director Joe Wright’s adaptation of Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy’s tome, the bane of comp.lit majors everywhere. I read this one as part of a Russian lit class during my freshman year … Continue reading

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