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Review: 3D Adds Nothing To “Phantom Menace” Re-Release.

You kind of saw this one coming, didn’t you? You can slap a new coat of paint on it, but it’s impossible to escape the fact that “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” is not a very good movie at all. … Continue reading

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Amanda Seyfried In Poster For “Lovelace.”

It’s kind of a big weekend for  Seyfried, the young actress who hails from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.  For starters, she’s profiled in The New York Times today. Now, courtesy of the folks at ComingSoon, here’s a new poster for “Lovelace,” … Continue reading

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First Clip of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” Part 2

This comes via SpoilerTV. As you can see from the clip, looks like someone shot this on their phone at their local Target outlet: First Clip of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” Part 2, posted with vodpod

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Universal’s “Dracula: Year Zero” Rises From The Grave.

With another Russell Crowe-starring vampire vehicle looming, the suits at Universal have signed Michael DeLuca to produce and Gary Shore to direct a new iteration of the Transylvanian baddie who brought the studio fame and riches in the 1930s. Universal … Continue reading

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