A nice history lesson here on a vanishing part of the filmgoing experience.

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The first drive-in opened on June 6th in 1933 in New Jersey. Once upon a time there were over 5000 of them. Today the number is around 360. Get your pj’s on and let’s go to the drive-in!! I have fond memories as a child of going to the drive-in with my parents, but even more fun memories of going with my husband (then boyfriend)! There have been many jokes about drive-ins and what really went on in the cars. Like this one, What do you call a drive-in, wall-to-wall car-petting! Thanks to the privacy factor, it made drive-ins notorious as “Passion Pits”! The back seat became the first place many young women and young men, lost their virginity! Back then the car was your private viewing room where you could talk and not disturb anyone. I’m just sayin………………

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