Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Another take on the retelling starring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart.

K. Reed

Snow White and the Huntsman

Let’s set aside my deep-seeded belief that Kristen Stewart can’t act out of a box. We’ll also put aside my girl-crush on Charlize Theron and the drool-worthly-ness of Chris Hemsworth in scruff.

I wanted to see this becaue of the darkness of the plot-no funny silly Julia Roberts here, but a dark fairytale worthy of the Grimm stories.

UGH! OK, sure, it’s a fairytale, but come on, people! I don’t care how hot Chris Hemsworth is in his huntsman gear, he’s a commoner and no princess can marry a commoner in that day and age (medieval times). None of them. No.

And what was the point of the duke? To show that Snow White is a modern gal and can choose her own destiny? Choose her own man?

Works perfectly in a modern story, even a modern retellling that takes place in a modern timeline…

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