The Dark Knight Rises – Final Trailer

One more trailer from the eagerly anticipated Bat-flick.

Cave of Man

With the release date of The Dark Knight rises imminently approaching Nokia unveiled what is conceivably the final trailer for the film, and by the beard of Zeus  action freaks will be satiated.

Gone is the moody off key piano playing and the sober voiceovers. In its place is a disturbingly rousing score from Hans Zimmer and the big set pieces of the movie gain a touch more clarity.

This movie to me looks amazing and I have every faith that Nolan will pull off a phenomenal end to what is the most critically acclaimed attempt to bring a childhood hero to life.

Only four weeks to go…..

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1 Response to The Dark Knight Rises – Final Trailer

  1. Marc says:

    OK, that just looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see this

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