The Party Crashers

A great look back at the1950s “juvenile delinquent” genre.

Forgotten Films

In most juvenile delinquent films I’ve encountered, the parents are usually pretty run-of-the-mill.  They’re usually a bit strict, and perhaps not as tuned in to their troubled teens as they should be.  It certainly wasn’t the “everyone over 30 is stupid” type vibe that ruled the teen films of my era, the 80’s.  But in 1958’s “The Party Crashers,” the parents seem to be causing just as much trouble as the kids.

The film opens with Twig Webster (Mark Damon, who we last saw in “Young and Dangerous”) and his toadies trying to figure out what to do on a Saturday night.  They hear that a party is going on at the home of a schoolmate and decide to crash the party.  This party is a very polite affair, that is until Twig and his buddies show up.  With them on hand, the drinking starts, and before you know it…

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