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Three Films You Should Be Excited For (Even If You’re Not)

It’s Summer Blockbuster season, a time when it’s easy (and perfectly understandable) to get completely mesmerized  and distracted by the over-VFX‘d, over-hyped, and over-budgeted tentpole franchise films. Don’t get me wrong, I lie awake…

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The Maltese Falcon (1941)

Originally posted on What I Watched Last Night…:
John Huston’s adaptation of Dashiell Hammett’s novel The Maltese Falcon is one of those Hollywood warhorses about which it is just about impossible to say anything original. So I’ll start with something…

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Andrew Garfield felt ‘disillusioned’ making Spider-Man

Originally posted on BuzzHub:
British actor Andrew Garfield has said that making the latest Spider-Man movie left him feeling disillusioned. The 28-year-old plays the superhero in the new film The Amazing Spider-Man. Speaking to the Radio Times he said that during…

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Screenbums Top Trailers of the week!

Originally posted on Screenbums:
6-15-12 – 6-22-12 Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two November 16th, 2012 Savages July 6th, 2012 Monsters University June 21st, 2013 Hit & Run August 24th, 2012 The Amazing Spiderman July 3rd, 2012 Check out…

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Light Bondage: “Octopussy”

Originally posted on The No-Name Movie Blog:
Bond, James Bond. For fifty years that has been the cinematic calling card of one of films most enduring heroes. Sure, Bond was born in books, but it was through film that he…

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Jaws returns

Originally posted on the ghost of 82:
Here is one of those frankly unexpected treats that feel unreal even while you’re sitting in the dark watching the film being projected on the silver screen- Jaws returning to the cinema (a limited…

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Transformers 4 Already Has A Poster!


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