Samuel L. Jackson Is Just Cooler Than You. So Deal.

Writing In The Guardian This Morning …
Stuart Heritage takes a look at how Mr. Jackson became the highest-grossing film star OF ALL TIME.

Jackson has a couple of secrets to his success. And Heritage dissects them, one-by-one. To wit:

“Step One: Never stop making films.
Since playing the part of Stan in 1972’s Together for Days, Samuel L Jackson has featured in over 100 movies. The man is a machine. Not including videos and TV movies and videogames, Jackson still finds the time to appear in movie after movie after movie. In 2008, for example, you could have seen him in The Spirit, Soul Men, Lakeview Terrace, Iron Man, Gospel Hill and Jumper. Admittedly several of his films now are as Nick Fury, where he only has to put on an eyepatch and tut at Robert Downey Jr for a day or so, but even before that he had a work ethic that would exhaust his contemporaries.”

Read the full story here.

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