Dueling “Snow White” Trailers Hit The Web.

Rachel White as Snow White from a Disney marketing campaign.

So You May Not Have Heard …
… but filmgoers are soon going to be treated to not one, but two, reimaginings of the classic Grimms’ fairy tale “Snow White.”

One of them, “Mirror, Mirror” (with Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen) has a lot more in common with the story that most of us remember. While the other, “Snow White & the Hunstsman,” (with Kristen Stewart as a butt-kicking Snow White) is more Dungeons & Dragons than “Whistle While You Work.”

Here’s the new trailer for “Mirror, Mirror,” which hit the Web this week:

And here’s the teaser trailer for “Snow White & the Huntsman.”

Which one do you prefer? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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