Could The Oscars Leave The Kodak Theater?


The Wrap reports this morning that officials at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences might consider leaving the Oscars’ longtime at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.

Citing a story in The Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap says Oscars honchos have exercised an option in their 20-year contract with the Kodak’s owners.

That doesn’t mean that a move is imminent, only that the Academy will “consider other venues” before it decides to “recommit to the Kodak for the final 10 years of its contract,” The Wrap reports.

According to The Wrap, there are some compelling reasons for staying at The Kodak and some compelling reasons to look elsewhere.

On the pro side:

“The building was constructed specifically for the awards, and includes a number of technical innovations designed to facilitate production of the show. But because the space was not originally envisioned as a theater – instead, it was to have been the location of an above-ground parking garage at the rear of the Hollywood & Highland Center – it always had certain problems for the Oscars.”

On the other hand:

“Unlike the Chandler and the Shrine, the Kodak is not a freestanding building whose approach can be decorated to advertise the Oscars. Instead, it is located at the rear of a shopping center, whose stories and commercial signage have to be painstakingly covered for the pre-Oscar telecast.

And because of the relatively small footprint the builders had to work with, the Kodak is vertically oriented, with its top two balconies looking almost directly down on the stage, and with cramped space in the wings of the stage.”

Read the full story here.

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