Has Hollywood Finally Found Its Wonder Woman?

"Going Haywire" star Gina Carano in American GQ this month.

Someone (Not David E. Kelley) start writing a script. It looks like Gina Carano, the MMA-champ-turned-star of Steven Soderbergh’sGoing Haywire” is interested in playing the ageless Amazonian princess:

NYMag’s Vulture has the skinny:

“Q: People have suggested you play Wonder Woman.

A: ‘I know! We even had a Wonder Woman reference in the film — did you catch it? One of the cops said something to me like, “Oh, chill out, Wonder Woman.” And I thought that was so funny. I said to Steven, “You know there’s a little rumor about me and Wonder Woman.” And he said mischievously, “Oh, that’s interesting.'”

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