Butt-Kicking Women To Lead Weekend Box Office.

Kate Beckinsale’sUnderworld” sequel and “Haywire,” the Steven Soderbergh-helmed film starring MMA champ Gina Carano both open this weekend.

But according to TheWrap, it’s Beckinsale’s sultry-but-deadly vampire who will win the weekend:

“Kate Beckinsale’s “Underworld: Awakening” is expected to triumph over Relativity’s “Haywire,” starring Mixed Martial Arts badass Gina Carano as a black ops superagent-gone-rogue, and the rest of the box-office competition, which includes Fox’s “Red Tails,” about African American pilots during World War II, and an expansion of Warners’ “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” 9-11 drama.”

Still, it’s rare to have one female-led actioner opening in a single weekend, let alone two. So score one for the sisterhood.

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I'm an award-winning journalist in Harrisburg, Pa. I also run and cook all the things.
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