Schwarzenegger, Stallone To Team Up For “The Tomb.”

The two legendary film heavies will check out of the Jean Claude Van Damme Home for Aging Tough Guys to star opposite each other in director Mikel Hafstrom’s (“The Rite”) “The Tomb,” in which Sly plays an architect who’s framed and imprisoned in a complex he designed.

The former Guvernator plays a character named Church, who’s one of Sly’s fellow inmates, TotalFilm reports. Thrill as they raid the Early Bird Buffet and bravely fight for the best parking spaces at the mall! The film opens in 2013.

Also, courtesy of TotalFilm, here’s a charming photo of the two stars, who found themselves in the same hospital getting shoulder surgery at the same time. That’s a long way from “First Blood” and “Commando,” to be sure.

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