Twelve Movies Comedies To Watch For in 2012.

Looking for a good laugh at the multiplex? Feel like it’s been a while since you’ve had one? You’re not alone. Thankfully, the good folks at HeyUGuys have put together their list of the dozen must-see comedies hitting theaters this year.

Some are expected, such as the upcoming “American Pie: Reunion,” which, well, reunites, the cast of the 1999 raunch-comedy that launched the careers of Seann William Scott, Jason Biggs and others.

Others are less expected, such as “Ted,” the big-screen directorial debut of “Family Guy” honcho Seth McFarlane, which follows the adventures of a raunchy teddy bear who’s come to life.

And then there are those that are probably best avoided: Men in Black III; The Three Stooges (despite the presence of Kate Upton) and “21 Jump Street.”

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