Terry Gilliam’s New Short Film: “The Wholly Family.”

Filmmaker Terry Gilliam (Guardian Photo)

Monty Python alum Terry Gilliam has a new short film “The Wholly Family” that’s due to hit the Web on Jan. 23.

The Guardian reports:

“It hasn’t been that long since Shane Meadows made a short feature with commercial sponsorship; Eurostar stumped up the cash for his dramaSomers Town, and the company was rewarded with very prominent branding and plot involvement. Not everyone was thrilled that a film-maker should take the commercial shilling. My colleague David Cox sharply pointed out that Eurostar’s corporate practices were given a rosy fictional glow.

Now Terry Gilliam has moved into this arena with a new 20-minute short film, to be distributed online. It has been entirely funded by the Garofolo Pasta company, an Italian firm based in Gragnano near Naples, where the film is set.”

Read the full story here.

And check out the movie:


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