Golden Globes Food For Thought.

"The Artist" This year's Golden Globes favorite.

As you settle down to watch the Golden Globes tonight, the L.A. Times provides a bit of food for thought.

For example:

Feeling animated. By most metrics, it’s been a down year for animation. But that’s actually had a weirdly drama-inducing effect on the award race. Usually Pixar can be counted on to garner a healthy share of  votes. Not so this year, with the studio’s “Cars 2” a middle-of-the-pack choice. Plenty of others stand a shot of breaking free, including “Rango,” “Puss in Boots” and “The Adventures of Tintin.” And we’ll get a good sense on Sunday of what to expect down the road: the Globes have foretold Oscar’s animation winner four straight years.”

Read the full story here.

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