Johnny Depp’s Best — And Worst — Onscreen Moments.

With director Tim Burton’s reboot of the 1960s horror soap “Dark Shadows” about to debut on domestic screens, TotalFilm takes a look at the filmography of Johnny Depp, who plays vampire Barnabas Collins in the feature.

The film news site rates Depp’s 2011 turn in “The Tourist” as his onscreen nadir in its countdown of this 15 best and worst screen moments. On the English-language debut of director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (The Lives Of Others), the site rules:

“Sadly, The Tourist fails to replicate the German filmmaker’s previous success. Depp stars as a maths teacher who falls for Angelina Jolie in Venice, and gets drawn into a convoluted plot that’s basically an uninspired reheating of 2005 French flick Anthony Zimmer.”

Depp’s best, big screen star turn comes in the 1994 biopic (and one of my favorite movies of all time) “Ed Wood,” where Depp plays the 1950s schlockmeister with a manic energy and infectious enthusiasm. Again a Burton vehicle, it’s a love-letter to the 1950s and the B-Movies that no doubt shaped the director’s own sensibilities.

Read the full story here.

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