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Short Film Favorite: “We Didn’t Get Famous.”

This one is well worth the 35 minutes of your time it will take to watch it. “We Didn’t Get Famous” is a history of the southeastern American rock scene from 1978 to 1990. It features some of the unsung … Continue reading

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The 15 Greatest Cannes Movies.

As is its custom, the good folks at TotalFilm have another of their classic lists. And this time, it’s their 15 favorite films from the Cannes film festivals. Coming in at No. 13 is Walter Sales’ adaptation of “On the … Continue reading

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Kristen Stewart sheds image, clothes in “On the Road.”

From New York Magazine’s Vulture site, here’s part of an interview with “On the Road” star Kristen Stewart. In it, she talks about shedding both the image of “Twilight’s” virginal Bella Swan and her clothes in Walter Sales’ adaptation of … Continue reading

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Two new “Dark Knight Rises” TV spots and a closer look at Anne Hathaway.

Good Friday Morning, Everyone. Here’s a look at two new TV spots for the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Bat-trilogy and because you can never have too much Anne Hathaway in your life, there’s also a pair of photos of … Continue reading

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