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Daily Trailer: Anchorman 2 – Cheesier! Sexier! Burgundyer!

Ron Burgundy and company return!

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Private School

Originally posted on Forgotten Films:
Do you know why so many men of my generation don’t like Kevin Kline?  It’s simple, he took Phoebe Cates off the market!  Not only did he succeed in landing the ultimate 80’s dreamgirl, but…

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The Letter

Originally posted on What I Watched Last Night…:
If I were asked to cite one film as an example of “High Hollywood,” it might be The Letter. That is not unalloyed praise, but the film is undeniably a trim example…

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Mind Game

Originally posted on PFFR:
Check out the constantly altering psych-pop ani-feature.

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Why Aren’t You Real: Mr. Best-Man-Ever edition

Let’s face it, we all wish our fathers were more like Gregory Peck in this movie.

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Tom Cruise joins “Magnificent Seven” remake.

OK: I’m willing to countenance a remake of the classic 1960 John Sturges western that cast Steve McQueen, Yul Brenner, James Coburn, Charles Bronson and others as cowboys protecting a remote town. Heck, it was a remake of the immortal … Continue reading

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New “Dark Knight Rises” poster released.

Seems like the July 20 American release date can’t come fast enough, eh? ‘Nuff said.

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