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Dim the Lights. The Show’s About to Begin. (Action/Adventure Edition)

Originally posted on Kim the FanGirl:
I want to see that! Do you know what I love? Of course, you do. I say it often enough. Movie trailers. I love movie trailers. Recently, there have been a lot – seriously,…

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New ‘Iron Man 3′ Plot Details On Andy Lau’s Character, China Scenes, & Ben Kingsley’s Villain?

Originally posted on Of monsters and warrior princesses:
Basically all you want to know about the iron-fella in the article following: One of the most interesting developments to come out of Iron Man 3 happens to be the news that part of…

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Mark Millar Talks “Kick Ass 2”

From TotalFilm (some good news for Chloe Moretz fans out there): “Hit-Girl will be the first 30 minutes of the movie,” explains Millar of how the movie will play out structurally, “and then the next 70 minutes is Kick-Ass 2. … Continue reading

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First Look: The trailer and promo poster for Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby.

If you’re a regular reader of this space, then you know that my trepidation when it comes to big-screen adaptations of “The Great Gatsby” is pretty well-established. Over a half-dozen iterations, no one’s really come close to capturing the spirit … Continue reading

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A Cineaste Guest Post: An Extended Analysis of “The Avengers.”

(Editor’s Note: This guest post comes courtesy of my longtime pal, work colleague and occasional editor Michael Duck. He runs a great lit mag called Crunchable and has been kind enough, over the years, to publish some of my non-fiction … Continue reading

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