Go to the Movies While You Still Can

Here’s a good argument for why I rarely see films in theaters any more. Even going alone, the cost is prohibitively expensive for a regular movie ticket, let alone a 3D feature.

The He's Alive Journal

Monday evening, my wife, Carol and I took our son Lucas to see The Avengers.  The movie was great, but to say I was shocked at the price of snacks is an understatement.  One large soda and popcorn was $12.95!  Our local theater had recently remodeled, utilizing the same amount of space that previously housed 6 screens to install 8 screens, making each screen a bit smaller, and making it possible for them to show a greater variety of movies simultaneously.  I hadn’t thought much of the changes until reading a recent news article on some technological trends our nation can expect to see… including the possible demise of the average movie theatre.

Pundits have been predicting the death of the movie theater since the first televisions hit the market, but new home theatre technology might be the nail in the coffin.  High definition televisions are getting bigger and…

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