Anyone remember this one? Me neither … But wow, were there ever a lot of sword and sorcery movies made in the 1980s.

Forgotten Films

In the 80’s, there were tons of sword and sorcery flicks.  After “Conan the Barbarian” made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star in 1982, these movies were all over the Blockbuster Video shelves.  There was “Beastmaster,” “Deathstalker,” “Barbarian Queen,” and their many sequels.  Heck, if you were a film producer, had a couple of Playboy models on hand, and could get Boris Valejo to do the poster art for ya…you were halfway there!  A strange entry in this mini-genre is a 1987 film based on a series of erotic sci-fi fantasy books that boasts over thirty installments.  It’s time to journey to the world of “Gor.”

The film follows dweeby college professor Tarl Cabot (Urbano Barberini).  Cabot is the owner of a strange ring passed down through his family which, legend has it, can open up a portal to another world.  After being stood up by his girlfriend, Cabot finds out that…

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